• 9-12-2016

  • 9-10-2016


    Piasa Bird Bandit work in progress during my stay at Compeung Artist Residency

  • 8-27-2016 Restart

    8-27-2016 Restart

    Restarting studio updates. starting now.

    (photo of myself in Gold Bandit mask in Koh Samed, Thailand

  • 3-20-2016


    Recently decided that creating a book needs to happen. So I've began compiled a group of images, and am building them up through, scanning, printing, drawing, and overlaying them with clear mylar drawings. Ill include some images of what I have came up with so far. I believe april will be my most ambitious month of my life as I prepare for my Thailand stay at the Compueng Artist Residency program. See you soon Chiang Mai!

  • 3-04-2016


    A wild Friday night covered in blankets watching my favorite movie while clearing out my phone since I finally reached full capacity. This photo was found while doing so and am sharing it as a salute. Im going to bed my eyelids are heavy.

  • 2-28-2016

  • 2-27-16

  • 2-24-2016

    Super busy day off, still working on the floral part of the drawing. Today was a gather supplies sort of day. Found out a fabric business is going out of buisness therefore i raided there fabrics! Solid Gold.

  • 2-23-2016


    Feverishly working this piece hoping to include it in an artist residency I am applying to. Just a little crop in peak. Trying to focus on soft blends between made up pedal formations. So anyways how i am coming about these what I like to call 'floral boas', is through gathering clippings of vintage flower illustrations/photos and cutting them into shapes that follow the general flowers shape. I think take these scraps and clippings containing the flowers and arrange them on my scanner. I then scan the pieces and print a few copies. After ive then recut out the multiple shapes i take bits of tape and layer, move, overlap, and really sculpt the shape/color variance I want. Once the shape is made i gently scan that form. After kept and stored on the computer I deconstruct the scan into new forms physically with my hands, adding and taking away pieces to see fit. For me these formations or flowers represent times of rebirth as well as deaths. They sometimes take on happy billowiness auras, while other are more liquid flesh of gloom. (such as my piece "These Cold Hands')

    While working on these forms I always dig out in my mind the scene in the film 'Fried Green Tomatoes' where Kathy Bates walks into her friend Mrs. Threadgood's room and starts attacking the nurse demanding her to stop taking down the flowers taped to the walls. (seriously its an amazing wall of crazy flower clippings) According to my mother as a child I watched that movie often when i would get home from school. Strange. Anyways I always imagine those flowers tacked behind me when i draw them. Some incomplete, torn, soft, and crisp like paper. A surrounding comfort of petals to celebrate or honor something i cant say.

    Hip hip horray?

  • 2-22 -2016

    2-22 -2016

    Working on finishing this large drawing (22 x 30in) in the next few days. Today I talked to someone today I used to be extremely close with but had fallen apart. Someone whom truly impacted me more than anyone else on this earth. It was the hardest thing.

  • 2-21-2016


    Spending the day outside in the garage building some plaster horns which will presumably be attached to a headpiece I am building. I need to invest in some other horn shapes to expand my horn obsession motif. I also am jumping on and off this portrait I started earlier this week.Im really excited about this piece and think it will give voice to new portraits.

  • 2-20-2016


    Happy to say the camper got new tires today. A few final last projects before I start traveling a bit making a new body of work. Buying a vintage camper to renovate into a mobile studio was a dream I've had for so many years. Its reality now, and i couldn't be more humbled by the support from everyone. Most importantly to my father whom spent so much time teaching and perfecting each and every inch of the camper with me. You're the best dad.

  • Cory Sever